Elaine expecting baby No. 2

Elaine Cassidy Expecting Baby No 2
Female First recently did an interview with Elaine, revealing that her and husband Stephen Lord are expecting baby No. 2 soon. Elaine also revealed in the interview that although she loves being a mum (and no doubt and excellent one), she has no intention of giving up acting for motherhood. Great news for her fans and fantastic news for the Film, Television and Theatre industry; an industry that just wouldn’t be the same without her.

I love my job and I love my family, and I love my life. And I’m not defined by one thing – I’m not just a wife, I’m not just a daughter, I’m not just a sister, I’m not just Irish, I’m not just an actress, I’m not just a mother, you know, I’m all those things. And it’s all those things contributed together that make up who I am. So, no, I can’t see it happening!

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The Elaine Cassidy Site and all Elaine and Stephen’s fans would like to extend their big congratulations on their upcoming personal production and wish them all the best for their forthcoming bundle of joy.

You can catch Elaine in the final episode of The Paradise on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday 13 November.

Interview and image courtesy of Female First

7 Responses to “Elaine expecting baby No. 2”

  1. Congratulations Elaine for the new baby!

  2. :( aaaw no more trips to fantasy land then?

  3. Just coz she’s having a baby doesn’t mean she can’t travel mate

  4. but no usa projects i guess anymore and frankly i start to get a little sick of the uk preiod sjit

  5. She did Loft not long after Kila was born, so I wouldn’t rule US projects out in her future. Have you actually watched The Paradise?

  6. That’s good.
    New baby. Wow!
    They need to make more.

    I just hope it looks a lot like Elaine not Stephen. lol


    P.S. Can we see Kila now?

  7. There aren’t any public photos of Kila, so … no ;)