The Paradise 3 not to be …

Monday, February 24th, 2014

I have sad news to report that The Paradise won’t be returning for a 3rd series. There is a Save The Paradise Facebook page that has been created in order to try and get the series back for a 3rd go, so if you’d like to put in your two bobs worth in and give the BBC a bit of whatfor, head on over to give your support.

In the meantime, here is a YouTube interview with Elaine about her character Katherine’s new life in The Paradise. Enjoy :)

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The Paradise Series Two and a few interviews …

Monday, October 14th, 2013

paradise2 Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but work commitments and a bit of a lack of updates have been to blame of late, but Elaine’s back this Sunday night at 8:00pm on BBC One and 9:00pm Sunday night on Channel 2 in the US for the first episode of the second successful series of The Paradise.

The Paradise – Series Two – Episode One … 1/8 A year later, Denise and the Paradise are struggling without its charismatic owner Moray.

Meanwhile Elaine has been keeping herself busy interviewing up the town for us good folk to talk about the latest series of The Paradise and to reveal to us all what she hides in her closet …

Q&A: Irish actress Elaine Cassidy on not kissing Chris Martin, and why soap stars should grow beards

Interview: The Paradise’s Elaine Cassidy Talks Season 2, Working With Ben Daniels & More

In the closet with: The Paradise’s Elaine Cassidy

A Lady of Wealth & Privilege: Interview with The Paradise’s Elaine Cassidy




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The Paradise to return for a second season after ratings success

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Fantastic news! The BBC have recommissioned The Paradise after a very successful ratings and attracting a strong loyal audience thus far with an average consolidated audience of 5.9 million/22.5% share.

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC One, says:

The Paradise has been the biggest new drama series on British television so far this Autumn, and it has been really interesting to experiment with period drama on BBC One beyond the traditional Sunday night slot. I’m delighted that the show will be returning for a second series, and can assure its loyal following that there are still some dramatic twists to come in the three episodes still to air this Autumn.

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The final episode of series one of, The Paradise will air on the 13 of November on BBC One at 9pm. Viewers will learn whether Moray (Elliott) will marry Katherine (Cassidy) or follow his heart with Denise.

New stills from The Paradise have been added to the EC Gallery.

The ParadiseThe ParadiseThe ParadiseThe Paradise


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Meet the cast of The Paradise

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

The Paradise

Susanna Lazarus talks to Elaine Cassidy, Joanna Vanderham and Emun Elliott about their characters’ love triangle in the new BBC1 drama The Paradise which airs tonight at 9pm

Katherine Glendenning played by Elaine Cassidy – the pampered only child of local landowner Lord Glendenning – whose unrequited love for The Paradise owner John Moray often ends in frustration.
Describe your character Katherine in three words…
Spoilt, manipulative and dangerous.
So she’s the villain in the story?
Not exactly. She’s got everything – she’s complex, she’s manipulative, she’s strong – but then she does have a softer side, as everyone does. It’s just how often you get to see it.
But she’s lusting after dashing businessman John Moray?
Yes – their relationship is animalistic, very lustful and dysfunctional. They’re very passionate, but at the same time should never be together.
Their union sounds like bad news…
As a lady of a certain age, she should be married by now with kids but she said no. She’s a rebel and she’s spoilt. If you tell her to behave one way then she’ll do the exact opposite if that’s what she wants. She shouldn’t be fraternising with Moray – he’s not in the same class as her. But the ambition he has is similar within her, and the cat and mouse game makes it even more appealing.
That’s right – he’s not really interested in her, is he? He’s after lowly shop girl Denise Lovett instead…
Denise is definitely more wholesome. But she’s feisty, too. I think Katherine, Denise and Moray are all very similar in that sense – they’re very ambitious, trying to break the mould. Instead of settling, they instinctively think, “no, I want something else”. It’s an odd love triangle as they’re all very like-minded.
Who are you rooting for?
Definitely Katherine, but I don’t know if people will warm to her. I love her – but that doesn’t mean I like her.
Like her or not, those dresses she gets to wear look rather delicious…
The costumes are gorgeous – she’s just dessert, dessert and more dessert. There’s no starter or main with her. And she dresses to impress. Whenever she goes to The Paradise it’s more power dressing – she puts her armour on, and then when she’s at home she’s a little bit softer. But you still have to wear the corset underneath so it’s never relaxing – not like Sunday afternoon vegging on the couch in your tracksuit bottoms! Sitting down is so uncomfortable with your organs squished into those tiny waists – you just think, “God, just let the men rule the world – who cares!”

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The Paradise begins tonight at 9pm on BBC1

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The Paradise Trailer

Friday, September 7th, 2012

A new trailer for The Paradise


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The Paradise

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The ParadiseIrish actress Elaine Cassidy is to star in The Paradise, a new BBC One adaptation of the Emile Zola classic French novel The Ladies’ Paradise.

The eight-part series will also star Sarah Lancashire (Five Daughters), David Hayman (Trial And Retribution), Matthew McNulty (Misfits), Joanna Vanderham (The Runaway) and Emun Elliott (Lip Service, Game Of Thrones) and will be set in England.

Cassidy will play Katherine, a banker’s daughter, in the series which will tell the story of a love affair, set against the backdrop of the opening of the first department store.

The series is written and created by Bill Gallagher and will be produced by BBC Drama Productions. Executive producer for the BBC is Susan Hogg. Filming on the eight-part series, which the BBC says will feature “an addictive mix of love and gossip”, begins outside Durham in June.

The eight hour-long episodes will be screened on BBC One in 2013.

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